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The Unforgiving City


'Melodrama ripples into the unfolding saga of Colonial politics in an engaging novel enlivened by a deep knowledge of Australian history.'

- The Sydney Morning Herald

'The book provides a vivid snapshot of  life in Sydney in 1899 as it hurtles towards federation and focuses on the social strata of the day...If you love Australian history combined with a gripping saga, The Unforgiving City is an excellent read.'

- The Weekly Times


Maggie Joel’s The Unforgiving City is a fantastic look back at the history of Sydney and the stories that are all too believable for that time. It is a grand, sweeping tale that grabs you the moment you open the first page. Each character’s story is completely gripping, interwoven from character to character with perfect ease… Maggie Joel has created a stunning and evocative story that will sweep you off your feet and put you down right in the middle of the dirty streets of turn of the century Sydney.’

– Better Reading

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"Maggie Joel's THE SAFEST PLACE IN LONDON is a beautifully written exploration of desperation and hope in a time of war. The novel captures the essence of the era with subtlety and style, while the shifting new world pushes characters to extreme lengths. A remarkable story of family, survival and how one decision can change lives for better or worse." 

 Jane Harper, best-selling author of THE DRY

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